About ForensicDx

We perform autopsy, tissue procurement, toxicology and molecular DNA lab services with cutting-edge technology and superior customer service.

If an autopsy is worth doing at all, it is worth doing right the first time.

Lemoyne SnyderAuthor and Forensic Scientist

Why ForensicDx?

Our technology is cutting-edge. But it is our team’s skill and dedication that make us unique. Our founder and primary physicians have a combined 100 years or more of pathology experience. They are residency- and fellowship-trained in anatomic, clinical, forensic, and pediatric pathology. Our laboratory scientists and technicians work at the highest level and meet or exceed every quality standard.

Forensic pathology services have historically been fragmented, painfully slow, or cost-prohibitive – and often, unfortunately, all three. But ForensicDx has changed the landscape. With so many options under one roof, we can provide a comprehensive yet affordable array of services, chosen by our clients based on their needs and budgets. We also understand that for coroners and attorneys in today’s world, timely results are a must – so that’s what we deliver.

We never forget that our work and our results matter because they help bring justice, peace of mind, and the power of knowledge to our clients.