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Here you'll find some of the most commonly-used forms available for easy download.

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Authorization for Body Release

The Authorization for Body Release is used by Coroners or families to authorize ForensicDx personnel to release decedents to a specific funeral home or transport service.

Consent to Consultation

The Consent to Consultation is an authorization from a legal next of kin allowing a ForensicDx Pathologist to perform a consultation on an autopsy performed in another facility in order to give a second opinion.

Consent to Obtain Confidential Records

The Consent to Obtain Confidential Records form allows a legal next of kin to authorize ForensicDx to request Medical Records or other confidential records from another medical facility.

Chain of Custody

The chain of custody form is used to document the disposition of fluid and tissue samples and other evidence collected during medico-legal post-mortem examinations.

Consent to Autopsy

The consent to autopsy form is required to authorize a family ordered post-mortem examination.

Consent for Additional Testing

The consent for additional testing form is required to authorize add-on testing.

Decedent Information Form

The decedent information form is used to provide key information prior to medico-legal post-mortem examination.

Environmental and Occupational Exposure Information Sheet

The environmental and occupational exposure information sheet is used to complete the necessary history for occupational and/or environmental acquired lung disease post-mortem examinations.

Human Identification Testing Instructions Order Form

The Human Identification Testing Instruction and Order Form is used to perform Identity and Relationship testing for decedents and family to obtain proper identity.