DNA Services

Cutting-edge DNA analysis can provide critical insight in forensic and inheritable disease applications, and definitively determine parentage.

Postmortem molecular DNA testing: the future, available today

The science of human DNA analysis can assist our legal system to pinpoint the criminal, identify the victim, understand genetic disease, and even determine cause of death.

We provide access to a comprehensive suite of human DNA analysis through our sister organization, MolecularDx.

Our services include both genetic (inherited traits) and genomic (how genes interact as a group, especially in disease) tests. Molecular testing includes:

  • Identification of unknown remains
  • Parentage testing
  • Tumor mutational analysis
  • Pharmacogenetic analysis

DNA testing can offer a wealth of information not only in forensic and inheritable disease applications, but to assist district attorneys and family courts in establishing parentage in cases involving child support and Children and Youth Services matters. We are proud to be on the cutting edge of providing these services to our clients and helping to enhance their quality of life. Please contact us for more information.